Would an 8 Team Playoff be the Answer?

If you are a College Football fan, it is no secret that there is a high amount of controversy surrounding the College Football Playoff system. The current system is comprised of the top 4 teams being picked by a committee to compete for the National Championship. The committee uses the following criteria to choose who makes the playoffs:

  • championships won
  • strength of schedule
  • head to head competition
  • comparative outcomes of common opponents
  • strength of schedule

The problem is the committee uses those criteria to decide who the best 4 teams in college football. The main complaints are that there is no systematic way to make the playoffs, and 4 teams leaves out too many teams who “deserve” to be in the playoffs such as an undefeated UCF or at least one of the power 5 champions. Because of the high controversy of the current system, many people want the college football championship to be expanded to 8 teams to properly include more teams… and of course more college football!

This is what an 8 team playoff would look like as of right now based on the current CFP rankings:

As you can see from the bracket, all “Power- 5” conferences are represented, plus an additional teams with only 1 loss are included. The controversy is solved right?

The answer is no. Wisconsin gets in at #8 at 10-2. Then after them you have

  • #9 Florida 10-2
  • #10 Penn State 10-2
  • #11 Auburn 9-3
  • #12 Alabama 10-2
  • #13 Oregon 10-2

In order to accurately predict the final rankings, we need to make some assumptions…

  • Ohio St beats Wisconsin
  • Utah beats Oregon
  • Oklahoma beats Baylor
  • Clemson beats Virginia
  • LSU beats Georgia

After the conference championships, this would most likely be the final 8 team playoff bracket, which introduces numerous enticing match-ups.

#1 Ohio State vs #8 Florida

Two blue bloods coming together to battle it out. An underrated Florida team would go up against Ohio State who has blown nearly everyone out. The whole country would make sure to watch this game to see if a 2nd tier SEC team could compete with the best of the Big 10.

#2 LSU vs #7 Baylor

An newly revamped Baylor team plays a well established LSU team. Two very different teams as LSU possesses the high powered offense, while Baylor relies on their defense to win games.

#3 Clemson vs #6 Georgia

This is the matchup that everyone would tune in for. Clemson would finally play a worthy team, and Georgia would have a chance to take down that team up in South Carolina. The country never got this matchup before because of Alabama, but the country finally gets the matchup they have waited years to see.

#4 Utah vs #5 Oklahoma

Pac 12 vs Big 12. Finally we get the matchup to finally prove which conference champion is better. As the two top teams fighting for the last spot in the current playoff system, the 8 team playoff would grant us the matchup we all want to see.


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