Patrick Reed: A Hope for Average Golfers?

If you got a chance to see the World Hero Challenge yesterday, you most likely heard of Patrick Reed’s little “mulligan move” on the 11th hole. In a greenside bunker, Reed took advantage of the PGA’s new rule change. Well within the new PGA rules, you may in fact ground your club in a bunker, however you cannot improve your lie in any way. Patrick Reed decided to just give the middle finger to professional golf and not once—but twice—moved sand to obtain a better lie on his shot.

This just begs the question, if I “pulled a Reed”, could I play on the PGA Tour? Better yet, could any average golfer play to the likes of a Top 50 golfer in the world, if they were to “pick-and-clean” every shot? Heck, I may as well just put a tee on the fairway and see how low I can go. Patrick Reed may be my new idol, because he makes me feel like I really do have a shot to be a PGA Tour professional. In fact, it makes me think I may be able to just cheat my way through Q School and see if I can’t make the Top 25 in the money list to jump on stage every Thursday through Sunday on NBC. This new fad, “pulling a Reed”, burns at my core because it makes me wonder how many other times a Top 50 player in the world like Patrick Reed has knowingly cheated off camera. And we all know darn well that if we did not have televised coverage, and no replay, you can be certain Reed would never have been called out and would never self-penalize himself with a two-stroke penalty.

All in all, I feel safe tonight knowing I can take my overly expensive golf clubs that are way beyond my golfing ability, and dress up in all TaylorMade apparel just to sign up for Q School with the intent on cheating my way through the ranks of the PGA Tour, sponsorships, endorsements, and winning the 2020 FedEx Cup.


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