Utah Lost and It's my Worst Nightmare

Utah lost. Oh no. As someone who is an avid SEC fan and in a league full of big 12 fans (specifically Baylor graduates) it will be my worst nightmare if Baylor manages to make it into the top 4. The apocalypse, armageddon and the rapture sound more appealing than Baylor getting into the CFB playoff.

Listen, do I respect Matt Rhule and the job hes done with this Baylor football program? Yes, absolutely. You’d have to hate a comeback story to not. However, this isnt exactly a pg story. We all know why Baylor’s program came to a crashing halt and in all reality it wasnt too long ago.

For the Baylor fans in the audience who were in bible study while I was doing extracurricular activities on my friday nights, save me the holier than thou speech. Before I get too much hate I want to say I have the utmost respect for Baylor University. In fact, 2 of my best friends and fellow contributors are Bears alum and they are 2 of the best gentlemen I’ve ever met. Doesn’t matter to me though. The football program should have received the death penalty 3 years ago and now they are back from the dead.

Bottom line: all I’m saying is my life will be imminently worse if Baylor wins tomorrow afternoon. For the first time in my life, Boomer Sooner.


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