Why LSU Undoubtedly Deserved the #1 Seed

Yesterday, Sunday, December 8th, the College Football Playoff selection show released the top-4 playoff teams to compete for a national championship. The rankings were:

  1. LSU
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Oklahoma

The selection show did not hold as much drama this year, as the top-4 were generally agreed upon since Utah lost to Oregon in the Pac-12 Championship. However, the one spot that surprised some people was that LSU jumped Ohio State for the #1 spot. LSU beat Georgia 37-10 in the SEC championship to surpass Ohio State who beat Wisconsin 34-21 in the Big 10 Championship. Some college football fans did not agree with the committees decision, but here is why LSU undoubtedly deserved to be ranked #1.

1.Ranked Wins

LSU’s wins against final ranked opponents (opponents currently ranked in the top-25) were more impressive than Ohio State.

LSU’s wins vs final ranked opponents:

  • #5 Georgia
  • #9 Florida
  • #12 Auburn
  • #13 Alabama

Ohio State’s wins vs final ranked opponents

  • #8 Wisconsin (twice)
  • #10 Penn State
  • #14 Michigan
  • #21 Cincinati

While both teams had incredible wins over final ranked wins, it is apparent that LSU has the edge. The win over #5 Georgia gave LSU the boost over Ohio State since the Buckeyes have no top-5 wins, and not as many top-15 wins as LSU.

2.The Final Statement

In the past, it is obvious the College Football Playoff Committee takes in account teams’ “final statement” on their last game of the regular season

In 2014, Ohio State jumped a spot to get in the College Football playoffs over TCU because they made a statement by beating #11 Wisconsin 59-0 in their final Big-10 game. Ohio State made a statement to the committee on why they should be in the playoffs.

LSU put a beatdown on Georgia this past weekend 37-10. From the the start of the game, LSU got the lead and only added to their lead posting almost 200 more total yards than Georgia, and winning the turnover battle. It was 34-3 in the fourth quarter, and all the fans knew this game was just about over.

Meanwhile, Ohio State beat Wisconsin this week, but did not put on as impressive of a performance. Ohio State was down two scores at halftime, and had to climb their way back to beat Wisconsin. While Ohio State’s win over Wisconsin was very impressive, it was not dominant like LSU’s win.

LSU winning in a dominant fashion showed the committee their final statement, on why they should be the #1 need.

LSU will go on to face Oklahoma in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, while Ohio State will go one to face Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl.


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