Winners, Losers, and Trustworthiness

I want to start with a quick introduction to you. My name is Sam Avers and I am an avid fantasy football owner/player/GM or whatever you would like to call it. I could start by saying my stats, records and whatever to prove to you why you should listen to me and trust me. That is what fantasy football is all about when you are looking for help, right? Trust. You can trust guys like Matthew Berry, Field Yates, Mike Clay, and the list goes on and on but why should you trust a guy like me? Who you have never met? Especially with Semi-Finals coming up? You shouldn’t! But let me prove it to you. Take these players, trust me now if you would like, and watch this Sunday as my players hit all these predications. Then next week, come back and we will start all over again. Now, enough talk. Let’s dive right into my “Winners and Losers” Plays of Week.

  • In a game against a bottom-tiered run defense, Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt (Running Backs for Cleveland Browns) are great starts against the 22nd ranked Arizona Cardinals. Chubb, obviously leading the league in rushing yards, has given you a double digit performance in every game this year (besides playing against the Steelers), while topping 100 yards on the ground 6 out of the 13 games. Hunt, on the other side, is averaging 12.0 points a game with very limited touches. That just shows the skill level he has as a runner and a receiving back. Look for both guys to have double digit points again this week with Chubb having a RB1 performance.
  • I tried to be as unbiased as I could while I am still alive in my own playoffs, but I had to give this player some love. Kenny Golladay (Wide Receiver for Detroit Lions) has proven this year that he one of the elite wide outs in the NFL. While Stafford was under center, he averaged 15 points per game. With the back-ups, he has averaged 13. As a Kenny G owner, I will take only a 2 points per game drop with the lackluster quarterback performances he has had to deal with the past 5 games. Coming into this juicy match up, riding a 2-game hot streak with Blough, I see Golladay getting more than 15 points this game against the 32ND RANKED WR DEFENSE. No Marvin may draw extra coverage, but I still see no problem for Kenny in this fantastic match up. Look for a lot of scoring in this game, which benefits Golladay greatly.
  • If you haven’t hopped on the Ryan Tannehill (Quarterback for Tennessee Titans) train yet, it’s about time that you do. Ryan has been on absolute fire since getting the nod for the starting role week 7. He is averaging more than 2 touchdowns a game while throwing an average of 264 yards a game as a starter (which is good for averaging 22 fantasy points per game). He faces a Houston Texans defense who just gave up a 309 yard, 3 touchdown game to mediocre Drew Lock. I am expecting about the same stats this week for Tannehill, if not closer to 350 yards.

  • Honorable Mentions
  • David Njoku: AZ has been just straight awful guarding tight ends all year long.
  • Chris Carson: No Penny and up against the 32nd ranked Carolina Panthers.
  • Jimmy Garoppolo: Atlanta can’t figure out how to stop good QB’s.
  • Chris Godwin: No Evans, and a high Over/Under game, I’ll take the over with Godwin.

  • This one is kind of a layup, but any of the San Francisco 49ers Running Backs (Mostert, Coleman, Breida). I have been playing the Tevin Coleman game all year long and trust me, there is nothing more frustrating than that back field. Shanahan completely plays the hot hand and that could be anyone at any moment (See Mostert week 13, Coleman week 7, etc). If you want my opinion, if you are still reading this, I think Mostert will hurt you badly this week. I think Coleman has a revenge game against his former team, and I think Breida finishes with an average RB3 number. But I could be way off. And that, folks, is the San Fran Backfield. Stay away unless you have some inside news to share.
  • Quick and short, Arizona Cardinals Running Backs. Don’t do it. That is all.
  • How about a guy who has put up 3 straight weeks where you have been disappointed in him being in your WR1 slot. Tyreek Hill faces a 7th ranked defense in the Denver Broncos this week and I do not know where to stand on this. No, I do not think that their defense is so good that they will shut down Mahomes and Hill this weekend. However, I could see the ground game working at home in a game where they want the ball out of Mahomes’ hands as fast as possible. The last thing the Chiefs need is another helmet to his hand. So, in that case, I think Ty Hill really disappoints owners. I think he may have a lot of short passes to him which could pad the stats in ppr, but I don’t see him breaking off a 65 yard bomb this week to boost his fantasy output. I see 5 catches for 64 yards.

  • Honorable Mentions:
  • Amari Cooper: Jalen Ramsey effect.
  • Devin Singletary: Other than the CLE backs, Pittsburgh has swallowed up Running Backs all year.
  • Alvin Kamara: Disappointing all year long and going up against the 5th ranked defense in IND.
  • Sony Michel: If you are still in the playoffs with him on your team, you should know better to never start him.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this read, I’ll see you next week and we will talk about how you did!


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