Top 10 of 2019: #4

4. Rams vs. Saints blown call by officials in NFC Championship game.

Where were you when the referees didn’t throw their flags on one of the most blatant pass interference calls in NFL history during the 2019 NFC Championship game between the Saints and Rams? I, for one, was on my couch in College Station, TX watching Drew Brees lead the Saints offense down the field, and about ready to cash my Saints -3 and Saints NFC Champion tickets. Then, in a flash, a blown pass interference call forced the Saints to settle for a FG on the drive, leaving just enough time for Jared Goff to lead the Rams down the field to kick a FG of their own to force the game into overtime. 10 minutes later, Greg Zuerlein kicked a 57 yard FG in OT and the Rams were headed to Super Bowl 53.

Just how bad was the call? Well, just see for yourself.

Analysts and fans around the country were up in arms over the ruling on the field. Saints head coach Sean Payton looked about ready to commit first-degree murder. And the Saints fans in the Super Dome looked like they were ready to storm the field in French Revolution style. In fact, there were several lawsuits that were filed against the NFL after the game. It was a call that would live in infamy.

Video by NFL

The significance of the no call? First, obviously it cost the Saints the chance to play in Super Bowl 53. Secondly, NFL fans were  stripped of the opportunity to see a Brady v. Brees Super Bowl and instead were forced to sit in agony and watch one of the most boring Super Bowls in recent memory. Third and maybe most important to gamblers, the call cost bettors millions of dollars. Many had the Saints -3.5 and also had the Saints winning the NFC. It was a multi-million dollar blown call. One would think that after such an incredible mishap on one of the biggest stages in sports, the NFL would have found a substitute for officials. However, the 2019 NFL regular season has seen missed call after missed call from the men in stripes. Maybe a few more lawsuits from the fans down in New Orleans will help change that. A horrific blown call which cost the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees a potential Super Bowl Ring is our 4th best sports moment of the year.


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