Shut Down Everyone

When the Yankees signed Gerrit Cole in December, it was basically a foregone conclusion the Yankees would represent the American League in the World Series. Now, Yankee fans are holding their breaths once again. Luis Severino needs TOMMY JOHN SURGERY. This is not the news I needed to hear to start my week.

It’s understood we won’t see Severino pitch in pinstripes this year, but at least there’s a bright side. The Yankees won 103 games last year without Severino, and were able to add the best pitcher in baseball in Cole. It’s still an awesome team with a revamped pitching staff, talented young arms and fantastic bullpen. Still, this news sucks.

Add in the fact we probably won’t see Paxton pitch for another 3 or 4 months, and I’m having flashbacks to last year when no one could stay healthy. He’s supposed to start throwing next week and I’m crossing all the fingers I have to make sure that goes well. They’ll also get German back in the summer, so the reinforcements will be there. But, a healthy Severino would have really put this team over the top.

I still see the Yankees as the favorites in the American League, but Sevy going down makes me want to cry. The Yankees need to do all they can to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Shut down all the starters for the rest of spring, let the bat boys play, I don’t care. The Yankees need to protect their players at all costs.


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