This is a Disaster

This has to be some kind of cruel joke. Not even two weeks ago, we got the news Luis Severino would be out for the year after undergoing Tommy John, and now this. Aaron Judge has a stress fracture in his ribs and there’s no telling how long he’ll be out. The Yankees say they’ll rest him for two weeks, and surgery isn’t off the table. Dude, just do the surgery now, we know how this stuff ends.

Three months ago, we as Yankee fans could all but guarantee a World Series after signing Gerrit Cole, but now it’s looking like the Yanks will be lucky just to have nine guys playing. First, James Paxton gets back surgery, then the Severino news, Giancarlo Stanton’s calf strain and now this. The Yankees dealt with not a lot of pitching depth last year and still managed to win 100+, but with Aaron Judge out it’s different. He’s the heart and soul of this Yankees team and if he can’t come back from this, it could be a long 2020.

I hope this two week rest is all he needs to heal, but after it took MORE THAN TEN tests to find the stress fracture, I’m expecting some sort of season ending surgery here. I just don’t know why the baseball gods have it out for the Yankees, man. The Astros cheated their way to a World Series, and their lineup is just fine! Yes, I’m still mad about it and no, I won’t get over it.

I’m convinced Stanton and Judge are just too jacked to play baseball. They need to start sneaking in some cheeseburgers or something to get a little more fat on them, and get well soon, Aaron…..please?


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