Master(s) the Feel Shot

I’m sorry boss-man, I cannot stop thinking about golf. It’s Master’s week what do you expect? I should be at my standing (*your standing desk company logo here*) desk watching the first round of the masters. Kidding, that was just in high school. And college.

Last time we were on the blog it was for a good chuckle, as I told the Spieth haters to pound sand. Hot start.

This time, I am going to help you shave a few strokes off the golf game. I need some competition and extra income after this whole COVID-19 shin-dig is over.

But before we save your golf game, you need to complete your check list. First, watch last year’s masters highlights. Second, contemplate who is going to complete the career grand slam next.

We see these guys play every weekend and we try to replicate their shots and their style of play the next day on the links. With no prevail, we lose half a dozen golf balls and pride that frankly we can’t afford to lose. Oh, you were not able to hit the eight iron one sixty today? Yea dude, because you are not good enough to hit that club perfectly. Every. Single. Time. You need to feel your way to the hole.

No one would try to major in physics in college to understand the science behind the golf swing (low key love this guy. Pony up). This is the epitome of a technical golfer. If you needed me to explain what a technical golfer was you are my perfect client. Too stupid to be a technical golfer.

A golfer whom you need to emulate a swing after, is not Bryson but, John Daly.

The first time I watched John play in person was at Colonial in ’12. He took a long drag off a cig in the middle of the fairway on hole ten. Most golfers are eating their protein bar with Gatorade after the turn. Nope, not the American hero I was watching. That is the American weekend golfer right there. Utilizing tobacco products to fuel the golf swing. That is why we love him; we wish we could be him. You can’t be John Daly, but maybe you can learn to play a little like him. John is what the golf world calls a “Feel golfer”.

Imagine yourself about one fifty out. No hazard between you and the green. You need to be thinking, “If I can roll up a five iron and miss it short, I’m on the front of the green with thirty feet for bird.” Not a bad miss. Minimizing the severity of your errors is tip number one in dropping strokes. You are going to screw up. Get over it. If your screw up only costs you one stroke instead of two or three strokes, it’s not a bad life. Being a feel player is how you drop a few strokes from your game.

No one likes the over technical guy that needs to know the club head speed, trajectory, and ball spin. We had a name for that guy in my adolescent years. A try hard. The golf course is the place you can be yourself. You my friend might have an engineering degree but you also have a twenty handicap. Trust me. Drop the data, pick-up a cig and be a feel player like John.

This week you are probably going to spend your time dreaming on how you should be playing golf in early April and specifically somewhere in Georgia. Hey, I have another tip for you. It’s not going to happen. Stop dreaming. Put some money away in the retirement account because dude, you suck at golf. If you are sitting next to dreamer boy and are just trying to knock off a few strokes off your golf game yea, switch to a feel player mentality. No, it will not help your awful putting, but should help you drop a few strokes. Think your way through the course and feel your way to the hole. Thank me later.


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