Ohio State Ignorance and Some Post-Draft Thoughts

For those that came just for the Ohio State nonsense, please head down to that last bullet point. Instead of a night filled with the beauty and wonder of the Bellagio Fountain and Las Vegas lights, we got to see Roger Goodell hug his TV. Thanks a lot China. Here are some post-draft thoughts after a “boo-less” NFL draft.

  • With Jerry Jones drafting alone with no connection to the outside world the draft could have been an absolute disaster. Turns out, the man still has a couple tricks up the old sleeve. What a fantastic pick. The Cowboys offense could break records next season. The addition of CeeDee Lamb puts Dak Prescott in the MVP discussion, and for the gamblers in the crowd I’m sure you could find some nice value there. We all love to hate the Boys but that pick was downright beautiful.
  • Dave Gettleman and the New York Football Giants organization once again let down fans on draft night. However, who all remembers draft night 2019 where Giants fans, I included, were up in arms over their selection of Daniel Jones? As it turned out, Danny Dimes replaced our beloved Eli Manning and has put himself in position to be the franchise guy for the foreseeable future. Perhaps we should wait and see before wanting to guillotine Gettleman.
  • The Raiders select the 3rd best WR in the draft over possibly the two best receiver prospects in the last 5 years and Al Davis just has to be turning in his grave. Henry Ruggs III can fly. No doubt about it. However, so can Usain Bolt and you don’t see him putting on the pads every Sunday. In all seriousness, Henry Ruggs is a playmaker who will have a fine career. But when you have an opportunity to get a guy like CeeDee Lamb or Jerry Jeudy you just can’t pass that up. I have a feeling we will be seeing Jon Gruden in the MNF booth in the near future.
  • While Cowboys fans were rejoicing over their pick (and rightfully so), the Eagles made a very nice selection of their own. Jalen Reagor mainly slid under the radar during his time at TCU thanks to underwhelming QB play. However, the dude can really ball and will pair nicely with Carson Wentz.
  • For those that haven’t yet watched film on Browns pick Jedrick Wills please take a minute out of your day and do so (I was even nice enough to include a video link here). The guy is a tank. He’s making a mockery out of some of the best defensive linemen in college football. The pressure is now on Baker to perform because that offense on paper is as good as it gets.
  • Joe Burrow gets drafted and Ohio State fans immediately jump up to claim him as one of theirs. What absolute stupidity! If the man had stayed in Columbus, he most likely would be starting his career right now as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs with his degree in financial services; which is incredibly generous considering its a degree from Ohio State (just kidding Buckeye fans). Nevertheless, he would never have won a Heisman trophy, become the #1 pick in the NFL draft, and he most certainly would not be a national champion had he not packed his bags and went to the Bayou. The football world persecutes the Aggie fans who claim Kyler Murray, but sit there silently while this blasphemy occurs. My head truly hurts.


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